Federico Garcia Lorca Granada Jaen Airport (GRX)
History, Facts and Overview

(Granada, Spain)

The history of flight in Granada dates back around 100 years, when the very first air shows began and became an integral part of local celebrations. Due to the outbreak of war, Granada constructed an aerodrome for the military and this small airport opened in 1922 and was soon to be known as the Dávila Aerodrome. In the late 1920s, civilian passenger flights to Seville commenced and further routes were planned.

However, by the 1960s, an official civilian airport was planned between Santa Fé and Chauchina, close to Granada. The region's new airport was completed in 1972 and included a number of international and domestic Spanish routes. During the early 1990s, the airport was greatly improved and modernised, partly due to the forthcoming World Ski Championships. More recently, Ryanair has started operating flights to and from Granada Airport and in 2006, the airport was renamed to become the Federico Garcia Lorca Airport (GRX), after a famous local poet.

There are three ATMs located around the terminal, as well as an information counter. Those with time on there hands at Granada Airport will be able to shop at La Tienda del Aeropuerto, where a range of traditional Spanish food and souvenirs can be found. The Cafeteria Los Abades is also available onsite and is situated on the eastern side of the airport, next to the boarding zone, and serves everything from salads and sandwiches, to Spanish-style dishes.

Worth noting, the well-equipped AC Hotel Granada is located less than a five-minute drive from the airport. Here visitors will find excellent facilities for business, conferences and more.

Granada Airport GRX

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